Do you like spicy food?

One of the frequently asked question from my Korean friends when we want to eat somewhere. And then, you ask, is it real, that Korean food is spicy? OK, truthfully, for me, and maybe Indonesian people in general (because actually I am not that spice-tolerant, low-level Indonesian spicy food lover), Korean food is not spicy. … Continue reading

Flip Flop in South Korea

When I was preparing myself to go here, ,my friend said about not bringing sandal or flip-flop because it is prohibited to use one in South Korea. Then, I didn’t bring mine. Living in dormitory though, you usually go out like more than three times a day, and it is such a tiring routine to … Continue reading

Plugs in Republic Of Korea

When you go to other country, especially of you are a gadget freak, the thing that you must remember is to make sure that the plugs of your gadget is suitable for your destination. You mustn’t forget about this, especially people from Europe and people who use Europe-produced gadget because Korea uses plug type C … Continue reading

You Buy Things with Won in South Korea

Here in South Korea, of course people are using their native currency. Currency for South Korea is Won (원) (sign: ₩; code: KRW).  Now the exchange rate between Won and Dollar is skirting around 1100 Won for 1 USD. For Won and Rupiah, the exchange rate is around  8 Rupiah for 1 Won. From Wikipedia: … Continue reading

Inappropriate hanger is inappropriate

I saw these hanger in one of the WTF from eatyourkimchi (update: back then when I still watched the channel). And the first time I enter Daiso (famous minimart chain in South Korea. 1000 Won store) and I found them, remind me of that site. Very good site… 1000 Won, hmm, in South Korea this is … Continue reading