Do you like spicy food?

One of the frequently asked question from my Korean friends when we want to eat somewhere. And then, you ask, is it real, that Korean food is spicy?

OK, truthfully, for me, and maybe Indonesian people in general (because actually I am not that spice-tolerant, low-level Indonesian spicy food lover), Korean food is not spicy. And when they say kimchi is spicy, for me, it is actually sour. OK, some are quite hotness inducing like Champong (I don’t know whether the transliteration is right or not), but other, not much. But really, the colour is very red. But then, not that spicy.

Champong. Defined as Chinese food. Seafood + noodles = WIN

Verdict, if you never tried spicy food before. Yes, it is spicy. If you have, or if you like Indonesian or Thai food, i think it is not.

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