Maeil vs Banana Uyu

The thing that I quite take a notice is that somehow South Koreans  love their milk. I think it is because milk is good in those time when you feel very hungry but not yet ready for meal. Talking about milk, looking at the stalls in the supermarkets and Daejeon University student’s milk breakfast, I … Continue reading

Classical Concert

What : Rundfuck-Sinfonieorchester Berlin Concert Where: Daejeon Culture and Art Center When : 5 October 2011 Who : ASEAN + Africa students of DJU, including yours truly This is the first time I visit Daejeon Culture and Arts Center, so, investigate the place first. It is located in Manyeon-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon, built in October 2003. … Continue reading

Keyboard in Korea

Like other sides of the world where Latin alphabet is not used, using keyboard in Korea (to write Korean, of course) means that you change layout to regional layout. . Actually, in the application, changing the keyboard layout is easy, The hardest part is…. memorizing the positions of the characters. Because the character is alien … Continue reading

Banners in The Subway

  I don’t know why suddenly they have this kind of exhibition in the subway station. In my opinion, I think this is Subway Station Exhibition? I don’t know. Some are quite nice though…