Keyboard in Korea

Like other sides of the world where Latin alphabet is not used, using keyboard in Korea (to write Korean, of course) means that you change layout to regional layout. .

Actually, in the application, changing the keyboard layout is easy, The hardest part is…. memorizing the positions of the characters.

Because the character is alien for you (Newbie, right?), if you want to type… Hard, i tell you to memorize the positions. Here come the… hangul sticker.

The same with kana stickers or Thai stickers, you just put the sticker on top of your keyboard keys. So, the first month I came here, searching in the bookstore was the right answer.

But then, everything I found were too cute. This below is my friend’s (Courtesy of her. P.S.: If you find this and want to object, message me, my friend…)

(1000 Won = Roughly $1 = Rp 8.000,00).


Pink notebook + Flowery stickers, Combo attack

See, pink and flowery. Nothing like this one I imagined in Amazon.



Then, truthfully, for this stingy person, 1000 Won is too much. My friend has an idea to write the alphabet on paper and stick it with cellophane.

(I believe that she did this because she doesn’t like the market-based products. Right? Right? Continue)

In the end, until now, i still doing this.


Hello mouse...

I wonder though…

Do you have this kind of experience?

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