Maeil vs Banana Uyu


Chocolate milk has been my favourite since forever

The thing that I quite take a notice is that somehow South Koreans  love their milk. I think it is because milk is good in those time when you feel very hungry but not yet ready for meal.


1200 Won each

Talking about milk, looking at the stalls in the supermarkets and Daejeon University student’s milk breakfast, I conclude that Maeil is one of the biggest brands here (actually it is the 2nd, behind the one I investigate below). By the way, it has English option in its website.

Small variants

I’ve tried the chocolate one and I think it is quite nice. I want to try the soy bean one, I wonder whether it tastes the same with the real soymilk. I usually drink soymilk at least once a week back home.

Other than Maeil, the ”milk” that usually being mentioned in the same sentence with South Korea is banana milk. Being more specific, the Binggrae Banana Milk  a.k.a. Banana Uyu (빙그레 바나나 우유).

I think this brand is quite famous overseas, especially for the Korean lovers worldwide. Why, you ask. when you see all of these


All for one bottle of milk?

Cha Tae-hyeon and Song Hye-gyo at My Girl and I (2005) – Credit to


Shinee's Minho in his dorm. Credit to

you will know why. OK, other than the CFs and the dramas, I think the combination of milk and banana is win anyway, like milk and peanut, so the brand deserves the hype. It has been decorating South Korean minimarts shelf since 1974 (but the company was founded in 1969?) and it is also four time winner of Korea Brand Award (source: Buhay sa Korea).

Other than that, also writes

It’s distinctive shape is actually based off of a Korean traditional jar called a hangari, a large earthenware container used to store food. When banana milk was first being produced, it was a time when Koreans were beginning to leave their farms to find work in the city. The drink’s shape was meant to conjure up thoughts of home, and the countryside. The banana flavor was chosen because at the time, bananas were an incredibly exotic and appealing fruit.


Banana milk sells more than $100 million a year, and it’s the top-selling product in convenience stores.


Milk sector

Do you want to say wow? Let’s say together. Wow. The most famous is the green one, but actually the blue (“light”) one and the pink (strawberry?) one exists.

If you come to South Korea or seeing one in imported section in your grocery store, I recommend you to try one.

O yeah, disclaimer: I have no affiliation whatsoever with those brands mentioned above. This is made only by the eye of a consumer. I don’t have either one bottle of Maeil or Banana Uyu,  or other brand of milk in my possession right now. It is nice to have somebody buy me one though, wink wink (without nudge nudge, obviously).

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