Eating bread like you do it in Paris

Here, your everyday bakery name is Paris Baguette. Although their staple food is still rice and sometime noodles, I think bread for meal is catching up. For this purpose, Paris Baguette was founded. It is everywhere…


Exhibit A. Guess where


Exhibit B. The nearest one from my campus

The price is, quite reasonable, to say the least

We have one branch near our university, and we buy cake for our friend’s birthday there. I think in the end of our stay here, we will have tried every kind of cake they have. Hahaha.


Cake + Nice packaging + Knife + Firecrackers(?) + Candles + Match. The trick is to get more candles by mentioning higher numbers like 19 or 29.

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  1. […] have mentioned Paris Baguette to you, but that store is like, everywhere. If you want fancier, more exclusive option, Daejeon […]

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