Let’s Exercise!

Last week I  (with all my Daejeon friends) joined Saemaul Undong Training for Foreign Student in South Korea. It finished in Saturday at noon and we had ASEAN Bravo at 17.00. Our bus would come at 15.00. So, free time then.

Roaming around Saemaul Undong area, I found them, public exercise machines. They are everywhere in South Korea, I think they have in every neighbourhood.Yes, with same white and green colour scheme.


The lineups


Nearest playground from my campus


Anyway, the one that you should learn from South Korean is that they like to exercise. They usually walk everywhere, yes, but they also do daily exercise. Our dorm provides gyms, and they have frequent visitors. South Korean also like hiking (unlike me), so hiking fashion is also quite a hit. And then, anytime you walk around, you can see South Korean exercising. Yes, even at 23.00 and at 05.00.



Anyway, my friend and I played around with them a bit, fun actually. My favourite is the bottom right one. In real life though, the ones who used those machines are mostly Ahjummas and Ahjussis. No matter then, nobody was around.

It is nice that the government provide something like these for its citizens. How about your country?

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