Although I hear “City Hall… City Hall… The exit door is on your left.” like fifty times already, I never go to City Hall. Yesterday, my friends and I went there to see the shopping district there. Although the exploit was a little bit a failure (it was not as big as we imagined, and all branded stores. if you like brands, this place is good actually). I snapped a few story-worthy pictures. Anyway…


Pretty drain hole is pretty

Back home in Yogyakarta, we also have Galleria Mall (although I have been there less than 10 times despite the fact that it is located near my high school). The Galleria is actually originated in South Korea. Here in City Hall, we have one. We entered but couldn’t afford to buy anything. Now is nearing Holiday season, so it got all dolled up for Christmas.


Read: Galleria


It means Night of Fantasy, if you are wondering


After we took picture here, everybody followed taking theirs


Wanted to take it when all alight but couldn't

The Galleria has 15 floors in total, 12 on the ground and 3 basements. What a random fact? Not.. Because it has a transparent lift. Hehehe. Transparent lift + three bored girls = MAGIC. We just went in to play with the lift, taking photos and everything. it was like 3 times coming back and forth B3-12 floor. Fortunately the lift was quite empty.


The lift in question

Anyway, it seems like everybody here is preparing for Christmas. So many beautiful decorations.


The garbage bin also wants the holiday spirit

So then, I hope you all have a good winter.


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