Yesterday, my friends and I went to City Hall, but in the end, we went to Downtown again. It is like anywhere we go we will come back to downtown. Anyway, there for the first time I bought waffle in South Korea (knowing stingy me and my tendency to save money therefore less snacks). It costs 1000 Won (roughly $1 = Rp 8.000,00). Anyway, the lady was so nice, opening up conversation with us.


My Neapolitan...

The waffle here is filled by this sweet cream thingy. Because my friend asked for chocolate and  the other asked for plain flavour, in the end I went by strawberry. I wanted to ask for Neapolitan (read = mix flavour) but didn’t know how to ask (already giving subtle ‘mixeu, mixeu’ hint though).


My money...

Verdict: sweet and I don’t know why, the strawberry one tasted like Tango (wafer brand from Indonesia).

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