Chemical Hand Warmer


Very thankful

Get one from big sister to all Indonesian exchange students in South Korea(?) Mbak Flo (I want to recommend her Facebook Photo Album, actually. The mistress of taking beautiful Korean-related pictures. Sadly mine are only as far as informative pictures go.). Very thankful.

Anyway, for you who don’t know? (Actually before this, I am too)  this chemical hand warmer (written as ‘hand stove’ in the package) will keep your hand warm (by gripping it). First time seeing it, everybody would say, “How come?” and “It’s amazing”. Actually it is only a chemical reaction.

From ehow: There are two types of hand warmers: disposable and reusable. The disposable type relies on a chemical reaction to release heat that warms your hands, while the reusable type uses a physical change to achieve the same effect.

Disposable hand warmers provide heat through an exothermic chemical reaction between iron powder, salt, water and activated carbon which react with oxygen in the air when the hand warmer pouch is opened. But these hand warmers are less practical because they cannot be reused. Reusable hand warmers operate on the same principle but contain a solution of sodium acetate that releases heat as it crystallizes.

Because mine is reusable one, it means it is filled by sodium acetate. So, the reaction for the exothermic crystallisation hand warmer(why suddenly science blogging mode) is triggered by metal disc trigger, termed nucleation (forget my chemistry)

It can be used for a long time, although it only make me warm for a certain period of time (20 minutes to 2 hours), unlike the disposable ones that can stay warm for one day. Then, These can be recharged by boiling the heaters and allowing them to cool (haven’t tried to activate it yet) (Source: Wikipedia)


Hand warmer in the works. Bottom right: the coin

In this Angry Bird Lover world, of course the Angry Bird one exists. Unfortunately, I forgot to take its picture. Anyway, still, here in South Korea, every one of them is too cute…

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