Sung Sim Dang

I have mentioned Paris Baguette to you, but that store is like, everywhere. If you want fancier, more exclusive option, Daejeon still provides Sung Sim Dang. I dare say, the best bakery here.


Sung Sim Dang

So, what is Sung Sim Dang? Sung Sim Dang is one bakery  in Daejeon, South Korea. If you are craving for western-style freshly baked bread, this is the place to go to. Trivia bit, it also made its own macaroons. It is started as bakery, but now you can also eat Korean food and western food such as spaghetti or cutlet in the restaurant above the bakery.   It also has expand its business to

  1.  Sung Sim Dang Bakery
  2. Italian pizza, pasta & stakes ‘Flying Pan’
  3. Casual food ‘Terrace Kitchen’
  4. Japanese noodles ‘Woodong-ya’
  5. Italian pasta & spaghetti ‘Piatto’
  6. Cultlet’s house ‘Little Tomo’



Sowhere is it? It is placed in Old Downtown or Eunhangdong. Where, especially, it is available here


if you want to go by GoogleMap then,

or if you want something more practical you can go to Jungang-no, Daejeon. That is where the Old Downtown located. How? Specifically,

using bus (to the subway station): # 1, 101, 103, 201, 201, 317, 511, 613, 615, 701

go underground by the stairs, go to exit 4 (Sung Sim Dang written in the sign). In Downtown, maybe a little asking can help, but you can actually look for Holy’s coffee, Sung Sing Dam is on its opposite.

using subway: Jungang-no station

There is only one subway line in Daejeon (and if you get lost using it, I cannot ‘help’ you, sorry). The same with using bus, get off and go out by using exit 4.

using any other means: just tell the taxi driver to go to Sung Sim Dang. You can also ask people. It is like a household name, everybody in Daejeon will know.

or if you want to go by address, 대전광역시 중구 은행동 145

(Eun-haeng jung-gu Dae-jeon 145 )

After you find the main bakery, you can easily find the other establishment. The Terrace The Flying Pan is in the floor above, the Flying Pan is next door, and Little Tomo is above Flying Pan . 5000-6000 Won can fulfill your stomach’s desire.




Sea food spaghetti


I forgot what it is called, shaved ice + strawberry + cornflakes


I don't have other menu's photo, so...


This one also. Source:

Other than absolutely nice menu, the bakery and the restaurants also have very nice atmospheres.



Sung Sim Dang also changes it theme according to the festivities. And you know what, people? If you only want to check it out first and not buying anything, you can do it. They provide a nice designed pseudo-post cards near the main door, and they also cut breads as samples to the buyers. I have seen many highschoolers going inside only for the samples (not that I ever, uhm).



Anyway, visit people. visit.


Anyway, information from my graduate student friend here, Sung Sim Dang is founded by Daejeon native. So, a little bit searching in Google, the company profile said that the founder is Lim Gil-Sun, in 1950. At first it is a 찐빵집 (Traditional Korean bun with red bean paste filling store). It experienced difficult time, but the owner didn’t give up.

In 1980s, the chefs underwent training in Europe, and since that time, the bakery provided variative bread products. It grew, and in 1990s  Italian pasta & spaghetti ‘Piatto’ restaurant  and international ‘Food Show‘ restaurant are established. The second floor of the Sung Sim Dang main bakery got turned into ‘Terrace Kitchen’ restaurant. In 2000s, It established another restaurant, ‘Flying Pan’. And the last one, is Little Tomo.


It has received many awards and has been receiving praises from South Korean and foreigners alike. It has been mentioned in wikitravel and also Jorneum.

It is only available in Daejeon? I am now in South Korea, but I don’t want to go that far?

Sadly, for Sung Sim Dang (and all its family), like every nice something we have, can only be found in specific place, which in our case is Daejeon. So, please take your time (no, I am not advertising) to visit when you come by to this city.



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