Creamy Goodness

Have you ever heard that you must battle heat with heat and cold with cold? Anyway, I do think that it is happened not only in South Korea (I think countries with four seasons?), but in the winter, you can buy half-prized ice cream. Being this stingy frugal self, even in my hometown I rarely buy ice cream (es puter, dung-dung, campur, or teler not counted), and here, when the price is roughly 300% from the price back home, it is more so.


I asked each one for the price

Anyway, in the winter, mostly sellers (and the famous minimart like 7-11, GS25, or Family Mart) discount their ice cream price, from 30-50%. It is not homogenous, however, so although you can count it as the same store (like GS25 near your campus or the one in Seoul), they can give you different price. So, from originally 1000-4000 Won range, you can get the ice cream for 500-2000 Won.

Last week, I craved for some ice cream though, and battling with myself, in the end and bought some. Determined to get a big one within 500-1000 Won range, I asked some minimarts and at last I get it (thanks, Ahjussi).

For the variety of tastes, although South Korean ice cream taste is not as adventurous as maybe, in Japan, the taste is still nice. Most ice creams, other than the usual chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, have red beans at least in small amount inside (maybe influenced by Patbingsoo?). I saw one with corn taste, and two lollies for 900 Won. You can have Loreim also, but I already tried it, so not that one. Most ice creams come in layers, so, multiple tastes for one price, maybe. I get the vanilla with strawberry inside plus chocolate sprinkled on it and the azuki beans layered with vanilla fish-shaped waffle ice cream (so, if the bread is Bungeoppang (or Taiyaki, you that more familiar with Japanese food, you), the ice cream is Bungeoaisu?) from Binggrae.


Mine melt already


If you grossed out with this, tell me

Back home, I can only eat ice cream with sucking it slowly (because of the teethfreeze), but here now I can just bite and chew it. This is the power of winter?

Are you craving for some ice cream too?

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