Hangil Eye Museum

What : Hangil Eye Museum

Where: Bupyeong Market

When : 28 January 2012

Who : Yours truly

Hmm, trying to be offbeat in the choice of destination, for that time when I was visiting Bupyeong Market (for grocery shopping) I tried to visit Hangil Eye Museum.


Hangil Medical Foundation

Located in the first floor of the Hangil Medical Foundation, when you enter the building, you feel a little bit awkward (because it is actually an eye hospital), moreover the receptionist ask whether you want to have a check up or something. Do tell that you want to visit the museum (I conveyed that message by pointing to the museum that located very strategically in your face when you enter the main door).


Singer Kim Jang-Hoon, I know him because he had one stage performance with HUBO


The museum, seen from receptionist's side

On the internet, I have no other information about this museum (in English, maybe), except that it is listed in the Regular Member of Incheon Association of Museum. There it is written that the museum is nation’s first ophthalmic specialized museum and opened in October 2005.

It is actually only a small museum and mostly used for entertaining children when they wait for the ophthalmologist or prescription, I think, but there is no harm for you to visit.

The exhibition halls are classified by themes: the history of glasses, the world in the eyes of animals, medicinal herbs for eye health, tricks of the eye, eye surgery and test equipment, eyes and cameras, and eyes of great men. There are actually explanations, but everything is in Korean, so, cannot explain anything scientific to you except for my own interpretation.


Glasses and cases


If you aren't using glasses by now, try to keep your precious eyes in good condition


History of Glasses


Hero's Glasses




I wonder what is this also


Children's corner


Animals' eyes


Have you ever had that dream with those spooky eyes in it?


Trick eyes corner


Ophthalmologist's Equipment


How to make the mask fit with your face but you can still take a good photo?


Eyes and Masks


Cameras work like eyes


Medicine for your eyes


Famous people and their eyes. You can flip and guess the eyes, which is whose eye

There are also mirrors like those in the house of mirrors (all the convex, concave, the never ending reflection), but no photo, because all I have are only me making weird poses.

How to get here?

By subway: Use Incheon Metro Line 1 (Only one line), drop off in Bupyeong Station, go out and walk north to the direction of Bupyeong Market, look left until you see Hangil Eye Medicine.

By bus: Choose bus that goes through Bupyeong Market and stop there, quite many actually (8, 111-2, 567, etc.)

By any other means (taxi, walking): go to Bupyeong Market

Address: 1F, Hangil Eye Medicine,  543-36, Bupyeong-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Korea

Phone:  032) 503-3359 / Fax : 032) 503-3390

Open hours: The same with the service, I think 09.00-16.00 in winter? When I went there, the lady already packing things up

Website: http://www.cyworld.com/art4b4b2 (I don’t know whether it is legitimate or not, everything in Korean and I feel kind of suspicious)

If you have spare time when you visit Bupyeong Market, Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall, or Bupyeong Lotte Department Store, do try to visit this museum.

4 Responses to “Hangil Eye Museum”
  1. stranger says:

    haha wow, i have lived in bupyeong a long time, and even visited this hospital for an eye examination. yet i never knew it had a small museum inside. very interesting! thanks for posting.

    • Ky says:

      Ahaha, if not from looking through the museum list, maybe I hadn’t realized that it existed too. Hopefully after this more people will realize.

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