Noraebus, Noraebang in a Bus

I think South Korea already famous with its Noraebang (노래방; Karaoke, lit: Singing Room). Karaoke is one of the favourite pastime for South Korean (other than eating and drinking, oh the drinking). But, who can top Noraebus?

So, what is Noraebus? Noraebus (my own word, Norae+Beoseu 노래버스 ) is Karaoke Room inside the bus. So, instead of watching those already-watched-until-you-bored movies along your trip, you can sing, then sleep after you tired, and voilà, picnicking when you wake up. And Noraebus is, I think a photographer heaven compared to Noraebang. The last time I tried to take photo in Noraebang, everything came out blurry. So, just imagine that this article is my obligatory South Korean Noraebang post, only with long-distance trip.


Not promoting, honest

Other than that, because it comes with your bus renting fare, no more additional cost to go Noraebang. Noraebang usually costs from 5000 Won/ hour here in South Korea. Sometimes, when it is late and no other costumer in sight, the owner can extend your renting time when he senses that you have a great time. My friend and I had that time in Eunhaengdong when we paid for one hour but extended until 3 hours (and maybe more, because that time already past my curfew, so no more singing and not to mention my already-sore throat. You can know that he extends the time by looking at the time left in the karaoke machine, from something like 00:03 becomes 01:03). Take a note of that establishment if you ever have that experience for your next Noraebang session.

How to: Enter Noraebang for the First Time but Seems Like Seasoned Noraebanger

1. Choose your Noraebang

2. Ask for singing room. Most can stand around 10 people, ask for specific room if your troupe is bigger, the most maybe 20 though.

Don’t forget to ask for mics and mic covers too. Sometimes they provide other things like tambourine. If you want to bring food and drink inside, you can.

3. Choose your ultimate song by punching the title or the singer. You can also choose from the book and enter the number. Don’t forget to change Latin/ Hangul writing.


Quick guide: numpad:song number, keyboard:title or singer, star:event, blue:male, pink:female


Why I opened Spanish list?

4. Wait until your song appears. When somebody still sings, you can also choose your song, it will go to the playlist.

5. When your song appear, you have time to do some preparation. If you want to change the key, change it quick. Each press means half a key. You can choose male or female voice.

6. Sing. Try to not only sing with your best voice, but try to incorporate your friend, do a dance move, try to make it as interesting as possible.

7. Profit.


New songs at that time

The one I take note of South Korean’s Noraebang is the background video. Nothing suited with the song, feel so oldies. So my saying is, ignore the background video and enjoy the other things. New songs are quickly come out, especially for Korean songs, so do not afraid to try singing new song.


Eh, there is Re: Re:!

For foreign songs, Hmm, I think the English songs are quite update. You can also try to search songs in other languages. The most ones are in Japanese next to Chinese, but if you want to try, you can find Vietnamese, Philippines, Spanish, and some other languages.

For Indonesian songs, I already had my 4th noraebang session, and each time, I saw Indonesian songs in the list. The most are old songs, some Chrisye and Koes Plus. In the Noraebus though, so weird. Some titles are Dangdut songs, and who wants to sing Ada Setan (Lit: There is Ghost)?


Abang Sayang (Lovely Honey), Ada Setan (There is Ghost), what the...?

You can find your score after you finished singing. No worry though, the score is a lie. When you sing the song fully, you almost guaranteed a 90. When you aren’t. you can get the score lower.


Guess what song

Everybody said that your Korean is not good enough when you can’t read the Korean lyric in Noraebang. If you want to be a professional in this, first try some slow Korean songs, then try upgrade it little by little. Except that you already memorize the lyric by heart, don’t try to rap Korean in Noraebang, everything will come out mumbled.

Hmm, you can sing and do mock-karaoke in front of your computer, but Noraebang sure is fun.

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