14-Day Celebration of South Korea

Ok, because yesterday I said “Oh, today you have to have a hug, today is Hug Day” jokingly to my friend and being responded with puzzled expression, I have just realized that it’s not a world-wide celebrated event, ahaha.   I feel inspired somehow to make a post about this.

These random, couple-y celebrations are something I noticed back when I was in SK. Basically, before that, I only knew Valentine’s Day, which is famous already, and White Day, because it’s celebrated a lot in Japan and appears every so often in manga. They’re basically a series of days, the 14th of every months, each month having different events. Two of those days are Valentine’s day and White Day. What’s the point of these days you ask, alienating singles from all couples being lovey dovey, of course (kidding) Anyway, let’s go to the days.

Circle the 14th in Your Calendar!

Diary Day / Candle Day (14th of January)

Because it’s the first month of the year, Diary Day is quite an apt event.  If a couple starts in January, exchanging diaries should be a nice way to know each other better. They can also record dates, anniversaries, and memorial events together. If you’re single, you can use the dare as a not-too-late reminder of your new-year resolution, writing journal every day (that’s not one of my resolutions, definitely).

Yes, fill that page with entries

Remember to not buying a new diary next January before the 14th come, in case you getting one.

f you don’t like diary, it’s also being celebrated as Candle Day to give candles or buy one for yourself. Aromatic one maybe, as decorative as possible. Just don’t forget the fire safety guide.

(Opportunity for profit: selling diaries, selling candles, selling stationery)

Valentine’s Day (14th of February)

A day that even people under the rock knows, no need to explain. In South Korea there’s no obligatory or special chocolate like in Japan, just girls giving chocolate to boys, women giving chocolate to men, plain and simple.

If only I have that much of chocolate (aion valentine chocolate mountain by fritzvon)

(Opportunity for profit: selling chocolate, selling wine to go along with the chocolate, being a dentist)

White Day (14th of March)

Not as widely celebrated as Valentine’s day though still pretty popular, this is the day to give thanks for chocolate you receive on Valentine’s day (no, those chocolates aren’t free). Response gifts are usually candy or roses. Maybe chocolate as well.

Cavities alert!

(Opportunity for profit: selling return gifts, selling candies, dentist)

Black Day (14th of April)

First knowing that 14th of April is THE bad day, I felt the injustice. Why, of all day from 365/366 days, this 14th instead of other 14ths, why it’s in my birthday! (hint hint). Basically it’s the single awareness day, when Valentine’s Day not enough to mourn the singleness of all single people. South Korea, when wearing couple outfits to mock single people is not enough, they have dedicated day for it.  “Celebrated” by eating jjajangmyeon(black-bean noodles) because black=mourning, what else. I don’t even like jjajangmyeon!  You can enjoy eating jjajangmyeon with all those single friends though (if you have any).

Harmless noodle (maangchi)

(Opportunity for profit: jjajangmyeon stall, selling drink because thirsty after eating jjajangmyeon, selling napkin because eating jjajangmyeon can be so messy)

Yellow Day / Rose Day (14th of May)

South Korea likes everything couple-y, so Yellow Day is the right moment to wear yellow couple-y outfits (not that SK’s couples don’t wear couple outfits every single day). There’s a plus for this, rose day! Exchange and giving roses to each other to make the day more special.  Combining both yellow day and rose day, give people a yellow rose!

(Oh, I have just known that singles can mourn even further after the previous month by eating yellow curry. Ahahah. At least food is being involved in this)

Lookbook for inspiration

(Opportunity for profit: selling rose, selling yellow clothes, selling yellow rose, yellow curry stall (read: opportunity from the previous month), being Big Bird?)

Kiss Day (14th of June)

A day to… celebrate with you loved ones by giving them kisses, and not the day to just randomly giving smooch to passerby.As far as capitalisation goes, there goes ,an opportunity to sell lipstick, breathmints, mouthwash, and so on). Different from international one (which is on 6th of July)

Example of capitalisation

(Opportunity for profit: selling cosmetics, selling dental hygiene product, being a dentist, being a good kisser)

Silver Day (14th of July)

The day for couple to introduce their significant other to their family and after that exchanging silver rings and discussing marriage. A day for people afraid of commitment I presume.

Not this kind of silver

(Opportunity for profit: selling silvers, being a silversmith, designing silver jewellries, restaurant maybe)

Green Day (14th of August)

“Don’t wanna be an American idiot…”, ahaha, not that Green Day. Green day is… Have to be inspired by Korean alcoholic rice beverage, soju, which bottles are mostly green in colour. It basically have to be an excuse to get intoxicated with your loved ones, as soju is rather high in alcohol percentage (16.7% to 45%)

If you don’t drink, this should be enough

(Opportunity for profit: selling soju, selling hangover cure, service for whatever is implied by people getting drunk of soju)

Photo Day / Music Day (14th of September)

14th of September, already  9 months from the start of your relationship. You already have the memories, but afraid not if they aren’t in physical form already, there’s this day to remember by taking nice photos in portrait studio or just make a sticker to put in the wallet in a photobooth (not that you don’t have a lot of them already). You already know so much about your SO, so it’s okay to let him/ her know that you’re tone deaf by asking them to go to noraebang together, no need to be shy.

They are so cramped for a reason

(Opportunity for profit: photo booth, noraebang, noraebus? (wow, seems like I am one of the few people using that term, haha), printing stand, photo studio)

Wine Day (14th of October)

Ten months into relationships, definitely a feat. Previously it’s a soju night in a family restaurant, now it’s upped with a romantic dinner, coupled with a bottle of wine. For singles, you’ve been single this long already, it’s okay to be fancier in drowning your sorrow with wine just for today.

Romantic night is romantic

(Opportunity for profit: owner of fancy restaurant, vineyard?, being single because wine is expensive)

Movie Day (14th of November)

Hmm, seems like watching movie together have already been done in the first months of the relationship, eh? But the day dedicated to movie is here, better to go to cinemas like other couples I guess, or just rent a movie and watch in cuddly sofa. Singles can happily watch movie in lonesome or watch with friends.

Don’t forget the ticket (lilylee)

(Opportunity for profit: building a theatre, opening a movie rental for lower budget)

Hug Day (14th December)

It’s cold, so what’s the most appropriate of the weather if not Hug Day?

(Opportunity for profit: I don’t know, a nice, fluffy, comfortable sweater? Being hugged by a human hedgehog  is not nice.)

Aww, cute

So, those days in nifty tabled format

Day of the month


14th of January Diary Day / Candle Day
14th of February Valentine’s Day
14th of March White Day
14th of April Black Day
14th of May Yellow Day / Rose Day
14th of June Kiss Day
14th of July Silver Day
14th of August Green Day
14th of September Photo Day / Music Day
14th of October Wine Day
14th of November Movie Day
14th of December Hug Day

Other SK-only celebration that I’m amazed of: Pepero Day

(PS. I’m sorry, I think the joking mood is still here until I write this post. A lot of unfunny jokes it seemed.)

Source: my Korean friends, Matadornetwork.com

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