Not really a FAQ though I think you will wonder about these (And sorry if I am wrong. Feel free to ask anything and comment though. Either commenting or PM. I will add a few questions I can think off . It is quite quiet here, I tell you.)

Welcome to Ky’s Exchange Study Blog. Why Ky’s Exchange Study Blog?

 Hmm. Ky is my nickname, exchange study because I am now an exchange student (and I want to share the experience about it) and Blog, because it is a blog. End?

Who are you?

I am going by the name Ky. 20 soon to be 21 Indonesian student living in Daejeon, Republic of Korea for my exchange study in Daejeon University. About page for more.

What make this blog is different from other “living in Korea” blog?

So far I know, most of the “living in Korea” blog is written by English teacher working in Korea. From that fact,

  • I am here as an exchange student

So most things are being seen as first experiences. Expect a few Aahs.

  •    Exchange student =  not working && staying alive through living expenses

Expect me to living a very simple life and being broke in the end of the month. Less responsibility though, so expect more escapades.

  •    I am an Indonesian

Expect things to be viewed from different view than your everyday blogs.

Me being me

  •     Frugal

Don’t expect fancy thing, cafe, and expensive exploit. Expect the cheaper alternatives.

  •     Weird and unique things lover

You can see in the gallery.

  •     Science and technology enthusiast

A few terms here and there.

  •     Trivia junkie

Random things ahoy.

  •     Tomboy and practical girl

Only “at-least-I-know” knowledge about cosmetics, fashions, and accessories.

And then, I see my friends (Indonesians) writing about their experience about living in Korea. But they are either: graduate students — writing in Indonesian — not me. So, it is still working then.

Why aren’t you writing in Indonesian? Or in Korean?

Hmm, too few blogs in English writing from Indonesian point of view. And I want to make people know about living in Korea from different perspective. And then, we have Google Translate !(still laughing reading about my articles in jumbled Google Translated Indonesian). Writing in  Korean though, my article will be too boring. Expect 저는 …(read: I am …) in every sentence.

Although, I realize that my English is far from good…

How frequent you update your blog?

Hmm, I am quite a moody writer and having on-and-off muse. I try to write as frequently as possible.

How can you get your scholarship to Korea

I apply for one from ASEAN University Network titled ASEAN Millennium Leaders College Student Exchange Program You can find many scholarships in your international office (if you are student), You can also search online, or if you have your target university already, you can visit their website.

You make fun of Korean culture.

No, i think. I respect their culture to be different from mine. Some people get culture shock because they expect everything to be the same with their country, I am trying to cope it with knowing the culture better, I hope. But feel free to correct. Try to be polite, thank you.

Is life in Korea is like in the drama?

Hmm, because I am not a drama fans, I don’t actually know. But places, foods, and things that exist in those drama exist. The fashion is the same. The boys are fashionable (but not all handsome? Still fashionable though).

So…, yes? But you know dramas, exaggeration and all. Don’t expect too much and remember that in real life South Korean is famous as being hardworker.

Have you ever meet K-Pop artist or Korean actor/ actress?

Not yet, unfortunately. I hope I can meet one by chance (and recognize them) to brag to my friend and to you. If I am, I will tell you as soon as possible.

I see you are a Moslem. Is it easy to be a Moslem in South Korea?

Thank you for not going to stereotyping me because of my religion. Hmm, expect a few inconvenience if you have different religion and eating habit. Here mostly I eat seafood, eggs, fruits, breads, cheese, and vegetables. Using veil though, a few stares here and there, but for me it is still okay.

See here for my guide in eating habit and eating for foreigner in South Korea.


What do you think?

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