Selfish Ride

One man car! Never see one in South Korea before this… Advertisements

Let’s Exercise!

Last week I  (with all my Daejeon friends) joined Saemaul Undong Training for Foreign Student in South Korea. It finished in Saturday at noon and we had ASEAN Bravo at 17.00. Our bus would come at 15.00. So, free time then. Roaming around Saemaul Undong area, I found them, public exercise machines. They are everywhere … Continue reading

Eating bread like you do it in Paris

Here, your everyday bakery name is Paris Baguette. Although their staple food is still rice and sometime noodles, I think bread for meal is catching up. For this purpose, Paris Baguette was founded. It is everywhere… The price is, quite reasonable, to say the least We have one branch near our university, and we buy … Continue reading

Pillow Milkshake

Get this one from my friend this week. Basically it is milkshake inside wrapping. In Indonesia, the one getting this kind of treatment is only milk. It is named “pillow milk” in Indonesia (shaped like pillow, hence the name). Because I don’t know what it is named, let me dub this as ‘”pillow milkshake”.   … Continue reading

The Lovechilds of Shoes and Felidae

I saw these shoes in Ewha Women University (famous shopping district. Bah, too cute. Couldn’t stand. Go away kitties, go. I wonder who are the people who can rock the look.