Sung Sim Dang

I have mentioned Paris Baguette to you, but that store is like, everywhere. If you want fancier, more exclusive option, Daejeon still provides Sung Sim Dang. I dare say, the best bakery here. So, what is Sung Sim Dang? Sung Sim Dang is one bakery  in Daejeon, South Korea. If you are craving for western-style … Continue reading

Samsung d’light–Experience Samsung

What  : samsung d’light Where: Exit 8, Gangnam Station, Subway Line 2, Seoul When : 9 December 2011 Who    : ASEAN + Africa students of DJU, including yours truly Do you know Samsung? Samsung is one of the biggest electronic brand in the world. It is originally come from South Korea. Last week on Friday, … Continue reading


I had just realized that Daejeon University hangs out 12 obviously-not-Republic of Korea’s national flags when I came back from class yesterday afternoon (after long, tedious final presentation that fortunately went well). Those countries, along with Republic of Korea are members of ASEAN +3. I think those flags has been there from October, since, in … Continue reading

Chemical Hand Warmer

Get one from big sister to all Indonesian exchange students in South Korea(?) Mbak Flo (I want to recommend her Facebook Photo Album, actually. The mistress of taking beautiful Korean-related pictures. Sadly mine are only as far as informative pictures go.). Very thankful. Anyway, for you who don’t know? (Actually before this, I am too)  … Continue reading


It is already my third time going to Seoul by bus. Every time I pass the highway, I see them. The white and mysterious sacks. Anyway, living in tropical country like Indonesia, I never see them. In the end of yesterday trip though, I knew what those were for. For keeping up straw. For the … Continue reading