Samsung d’light–Experience Samsung

What  : samsung d’light

Where: Exit 8, Gangnam Station, Subway Line 2, Seoul

When : 9 December 2011

Who    : ASEAN + Africa students of DJU, including yours truly

Do you know Samsung? Samsung is one of the biggest electronic brand in the world. It is originally come from South Korea. Last week on Friday, my friends and I very fortunately could visit Samsung d’light courtesy of Mr. Chang-Ho Park as one program in our Future of Asia Class.


Waiting for it to be opened


Not yet 10.00

So what is Samsung d’light? Samsung d’light is, in short, a Samsung showroom slash museum. We can see the progress of Samsung, from the first time until now. We can also play with the technology provided by Samsung, and in the end of the journey, buy some products from Samsung.

From the English booklet:

Welcome to samsung d’light. our new digital playground for the exciting interconnected culture.

“d’light” – from “Digital” + “Light” – represents Samsung’s desire to bring people all the joys and fulfillment of the radiant digital lifestyle.


Three floors only

The building itself consists of three floors, B1, 1F, and 2F. Our class was held in the Community Zone in the 2F.


Presentation from Samsung d'light

The 2F, Global Gallery, is meant to show The Future of Samsung Electronics and the Story of Samsung Worldwide Leadership. In that floor you can find LED Lighting Drums (interactive LED lighting), Semiconductor Zone (history and making of semiconductor), LCD Zone (history and making of LCD), Water Wall (screen with fast-flowing Samsung’s essential value), Community Zone (meeting room), and three big show rooms, the Smart Electricity (Household appliances), Entertainment (TV, tablet, phone, etc.), and Education (notebook, touch screen, etc.). The Community Zone is always open and available for everyone, held seminars and free movies in d’light Cinema Day (for more, visit Warning: in Korean).


Timeline of semiconductor


Brag that you were there


One of the background images of the photozone. Photoshop your image on it as if you've been there (sorry for crappy Healing Brush job).


Evolution of Samsung Design Identity


Wafer, not the one that you can eat


From left to right: Education Room, Entertainment, Smart Electricity


Education. I like the wall scribbles


Behind Samsung now, there are semiconductors and LCDs


They love their LCDs


One of the Kiosks, basically imagining the future


I want to take one and bring it back to the dorm...

The 1F, Mobile Plaza, means to invite people to enjoy Digital Creative Experience with Samsung Products. It has 3D TV, SSD, Smart TV, Camera Zone, and Cafetaria. For the interactive contents, it has Game Experience (basically motion sensing games) , Message Floor (writing message then shown in the floor), Mood Tube (Music + Mood) and Capture Wall (On-the-spot photo and editing then shown in the wall).


Fulfilling your inner celebrity desire


I will choose to stare at the door more than take my drink


Message Floor. You can write anything in either Roman or Hangul


Left: weird foreigner (read: me), right: poor passerby student

The 1B, d’light Shop, is, as you can guess from the title, the Samsung Shop. You can buy Samsung products here, from the usual gadgets such as digital camera, netbook, mobile phone, and accessories, until things like washing machine and refrigerator.


This is the view from outside the subway station

Brand New Galaxy Note. I prefer Captivate Glyde though.


Community Zone

Samsung d’light also support communities. Outside it also has Open Space and Rest Area. In the booklet it is said that there is  LED media art shown, but because my there was so short, I am not yet seeing that. Samsung d’light also has d’light play, cultural events in seven categories, including music concerts (d’light stage), seminars (d’light talk), movie (d’light cinema), and more.

How to get here?

By subway: In Seoul, change to Subway Line 2, Going straight to Exit 8, you will see something like electronic store, that is the B1 of Samsung d’light.

Address: Exit 8, Gangnam Station, Subway Line 2, Seoul (nothing more, I assume that everybody will know)

Phone: 82-2-2255-2277

Open hours:

    10.00-19.00 (Closed Sunday and Holiday) –d’light

    10.00-21.00 (Monday-Saturday), 11.00-21.00 (Sunday) (Open year round except Lunar New Year, Chuseok, the day before those two holidays and the anniversary of Samsung Electronics’ founder) –d’light shop


Map. To my scanner back home: I miss you.


Source: Samsung d’light English Booklet. Photo: Some mine, some my friends.

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